At Aikya Connect, we are very selective about curating our membership to build an exclusive group of leaders from single-family offices in India that work with the highest levels of ethics and governance. Our members excel across investment knowledge, emotional quotient and leadership. They are compassionate professionals who understand the need to share and grow together. Members forge lifelong relationships through several of the unique programs executed as part of the Aikya Connect program.


Aikya Connect enables members to connect,
share and learn from one another by driving
engagement through:
  • The Aikya Space

    A structured digital space to discuss investments with fellow AIkya Connect members.
  • The Crews Program

    A private peer-group within Aikya Connect, carefully curated to compliment the investment expertise of each member.
  • Investment Strategy Events

    Expert events curated by Aikya Connect to drive member engagement with and access to global investment experts.

Becoming a member at Aikya Connect

Membership to Aikya Connect is by-invite only and is restricted to senior most investment professionals/ family members of single-family offices.

The team at AIkya Connect is highly focused on curating a very relevant member network and follows the following process:

  • Phase 1: Review

  • Phase 2: Interview

  • Phase 3: Onboard

Should you wish to be considered for an Aikya Connect membership, please enter your details